Examples of JoomLMS Installations

Discover how our customers are using JoomLMS Learning Management System

Ticken uses JoomLMS to improve wellbeing and employee productivity by providing touch-typing courses for children and adults.
Swiss Federation of Samaritans uses JoomLMS to encourage activities in rescue services, health protection and first aid.
Theorie Examen Trainer
Theorie Examen Trainer (TET) uses JoomLMS to help students to get behind the wheel!
BITSPEC uses JoomLMS improve the lives of individuals in a changing and complex society!
TrainingCourses.com uses JoomLMS to provide over 800 online elearning training courses for businesses and individuals.
Parallel Project Training uses JoomLMS to deliver higher quality training in a more cost effective way!
ProEducate uses JoomLMS to offer online training for licensing in the real estate and mortgage finance business!
EASAOnline uses JoomLMS to deliver EASA compliant online training for aircraft professionals!
SLKE Campus Virtual
SLKE Campus Virtual uses JoomLMS to offer online courses of artistic training in Spain and Spanish-speaking countries!
Parenting Safe Children
Parenting Safe Children uses JoomLMS to teach parents how to keep children safe from sexual abuse!
Environmental Project Management & Sustainability Solutions uses JoomLMS to train environmental organizations!
New England Network Solutions
NENS uses JoomLMS to train sales people, account managers, administrative and technical staff.
SalgsPiloterne (eng. SalesPilots) uses JoomLMS to educate and consult sales people and leaders.
MSD 360 Medicine Handling
MSD 360 Medicine Handling uses JoomLMS to provide obligatory eLearning courses on medicine handling for farmers.

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