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Sphere of application: Sales Training
Country: Denmark


SalgsPiloterne educates and consults sales people and leaders, thus sells knowledge.
The company provides an e-learning solution, which consists of 8 different modules: negotiation techniques, non-verbal communication, purchase facilitation, closing technique, phone sales, mnemonics, presentations, lectures. They provide valuable insights into customers' purchase behavior and explain how to influence it in a positive way, how to make clients make a decision faster and how to become a better sales person.
The solution is supported by your Danish partner TC Systems. You can read more information on the partner's website or by contacting us.

Selection Process

Our clients are busy people, often on the road, and we wanted to provide an opportunity for them to learn and revise, when they can and are motivated. The keywords are: time efficiency, around the clock availability and flexibility.
The solution had to be ease to use for both the designer and the end-user, and we found JoomLMS Learning Management System to be both.


As Mac users, we had to use a PC to build the project, and that transition was rather tedious.


As opposed to us, our e-learning modules are available for the client around the clock!
Our clients can continue their learning and revise, when they want to.
Also, the e-learning modules provide a passive income for us, which otherwise is rather difficult to achieve in the business of education and consulting.


Please describe your experience of working with JoomLMS

Tony Evald Clausen
Energetic disseminator & mentor
We work with a Joomla!® consultant, who is efficient, direct and result-orientated. We recommend this solutions to those who want to extend their contacts with clients and earn a passive income at the same time.

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