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Who we are?

Our history

JoomLMS has been around since 2006. When we first got started, there was no complete eLearning solution for Joomla! CMS while the CMS had already become number one in users' choice of open source content management systems. Having all the required resources and potential, our eLearning group created a fully functional learning management system designed as a component for Joomla! CMS.
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Why us

JoomLMS quickly gained popularity - not only among Joomla! users, but in the whole eLearning community due to the extensive set of LMS tools, the lowest price on the LMS market as well ease of use for people with little or no experience in IT and programming.

Our team

In the past few years JoomLMS has grown into a successful and stable company with extensive internal staff of experienced eLearning developers, graphic designers, programmers, usability experts, sales managers and other specialists, enabling us to provide complex eLearning solutions to our clients.
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