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Learning Management System Features

SCORM and AICC Compatibility

Save time on content creation, easily export-import eLearning materials and apply different eLearning techniques

Live/Video Conferencing

Schedule live conferences and webinars within Joomla!® LMS framework. Apply blended learning technique

Android and iOS Compatible
Mobile App

Make mobile learning possible. You can use both an official mobile app or order a branded one with your own logo and listing on Play Market and iTunes

Comprehensive Tracking and

Stay in the know of an eLearning/ training process, find gaps in students knowledge and bring necessary changes

Advanced Ecommerce Capabilities

Sell courses using a variety of
ecommerce tools integrated, issue invoices, generate coupons, discounts and fee trials

Joomla! CMS as a Platform for
Your Project

Extend default JoomLMS functionality by adding integration with numerous Joomla! extensions. Have a full control over CMS and LMS

Learning management system for all business types and industries

teach online
train employees
sell courses
LMS for Teaching Online
LMS for Teaching Online

Experience all the benefits of teaching online with our Learning Management System! Have 24/7 access to eLearning materials, effectively organize eLearning data and teach without boundaries!

  • Extend teaching beyond school walls
  • Save time and money on course creation
  • Promote collaboration and informal learning
  • Manage classes with ease
  • Assess students’ knowledge
  • Give students flexibility
  • Achieve maximum results
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LMS for Corporate Training
LMS for Corporate Training

Provide a qualitative training in spite of employees’ location and spoken language! JoomLMS is an ideal eLearning platform for Staff training, HR Management, Healthcare, Consulting, Banking, Engineering etc.

  • Reduce training costs
  • Brand the LMS for corporate training
  • Be sure in data security
  • Integrate JoomLMS into all aspects of business
  • Increase engagement and competitiveness
  • Manage corporate training easily
  • Monitor employees’ progress
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LMS for Selling Courses
LMS for Selling Courses

Become a successful online courses provider by using JoomLMS eLearning platform for selling courses online! Monetize you blog, provide couching or launch your own language program online.

  • Take full control of branding and design
  • Don’t split the profit with anyone else
  • Be in charge of pricing and payment methods
  • SEO promote and market your courses
  • Extend the LMS functionality
  • Create courses in minutes
  • Maximize the ROI of LMS
  • Upgrade with business growth
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Flexible LMS Configuration On our Website or our Servers

We understand that every business is unique that is why we’ve made JoomLMS available as an On-Premise and Hosted LMS solution.

On-Premise LMS

On-Premise JoomLMS is the best option if you are concerned about data security, want to integrate the LMS into internal business processes (add integration with third-party platforms, for example) or don’t want to diffuse your efforts on multiple platforms management.

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Hosted LMS

If you don’t want to deal with the LMS installation, maintenance and backups simply select a hosted version of the JoomLMS Learning Management System. The LMS will be stored on our servers and we will be dealing with the LMS initial deployment and upgrades. The LMS design will be adjusted to meet your main website’s look and feel. Plus it is a good solution if your website is built on WordPress, Drupal or any other not Joomla! CMS.

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