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We created a Knowledge Base for everyone who is new to eLearning or want to extend their knowledge. Find out what a learning Management System is.

Learning Management System Definition

Learning Management System (LMS) is a software used for creation, managing and delivering eLearning content as well as communication with students and tracking their performance. Learning Management Systems (LMS) are widely used by educational institutions for teaching students online, by businesses and corporations for employee and customer training and by entrepreneurs for providing online courses on a paid basis.

What is a Learning Management System used for?

ELearning platforms like LMS store eLearning content, ensure security of the uploaded files, act as interactive communication platforms for students and teachers, track learners’ performance and evaluate their progress through system of assessment and certification.

Learning Management Systems allow both internal courses creation and SCORMs (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) upload created by means of Authoring tools.

What are the benefits of using a Learning Management System?

The main benefits of using Learning Management Software include:

  • 24/7 access to eLearning materials;
  • Time and money saving through managing large amount of training materials and groups of users;
  • Teaching and training with no boarders or language difference obstacles;
  • Confidence in data security;
  • Advanced system of reporting provides an enormous amount of decision-making information and helps to find gaps in students’ knowledge;
  • Multiple eCommerce tools integration offers clients a freedom of payment systems choice;
  • LMS software compliance with SCORM and AICC standards makes eLearning materials reusable and applicable to other eLearning solutions.
  • etc.

How to choose a Learning Management System?

ELearning vendors provide both free and proprietary eLearning solutions and a number of features offered per price can vary that is LMS choice should be based on a number of criteria including primary LMS implementation and usage goal. More information can be found at Learning Management Systems comparison chart.

Now you have learned what a Learning Management System is.

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