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MSD 360 Medicine Handling

Sphere of application: Veterinary
Country: Denmark


MSD 360 Medicine Handling is preapproved by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration – the organization that has control over food safety and animal health protection in Denmark.
MSD 360 Medicine Handling specializes in the theoretical side of the medicine handling and provides obligatory eLearning courses for farmers, animal owners and people who work with domestic animals such as horses, pigs, cows, poultry, milk and other production animals.
Courses are prepared by experienced vegetarians, agriculture teachers and are provided both in English and Danish.
MSD 360 Medicine Handling consists of 25 e-learning courses giving knowledge and skills required to handle medicine in domestic animal production. For example, courses cover such topics as storing and using the medicine correctly, selecting the appropriate antibiotic, signs and symbols of diseases etc.
On passing the courses certificates are issued.
The solution was created by your Danish partner TC Systems. You can read more about it on the partner's website or by contacting us.
To see the demo of the e-learning solution, visit (You find the Demo login on the Front page).

Selection Process

We needed a way to let the students educate themselves when they could find the time to do this. It is difficult to gather all the students at the same time in a class room because of the different working hours.
Therefore it was necessary to bring the education online. We started looking for eLearning solutions and find JoomLMS offering all the features needed to create online courses. Additionally, they had a fair price, support, software upgrades and new software versions included in the license.


We wanted to make JoomLMS more personal that is why we asked the development team to change the graphic design and add a few special features. It was done perfectly, by the way.


JoomLMS has all the features needed in an LMS system, is user-friendly and easy to manage. New features are constantly developed and added to the system what makes JoomLMS corresponding with our business needs.


Please describe your experience of working with JoomLMS

Tony Clausen
Director, TC Systems
The JoomLMS have a fair price, outstanding support, and software upgrades included in the license

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