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  • Sphere of application: Education, Business
  • Country: The Netherlands

About the project

Theorie Examen Trainer (TET) is a Dutch project that offers online driving theory training for the Car, Scooter and Motorcycle. The project is aimed at learners who prefer online learning approach to the traditional classroom based one. Unlike other driving theory courses providers, TET courses are mobile and tablet adaptive that gives future drivers a full control of their exam preparation at any time and place.


TET needed a solution for delivering driving theory courses. Among key criteria were:

  • Clear and intuitive interface that will perform similar to mobile application;
  • E-commerce tools integration;
  • Scalability;
  • Cost-effectiveness;


Rich functionality together with provided customization made JoomLMS a perfect suit for the project. The development team implemented an adaptive interface and a script enabling image selection while answering questions on crossroads passing regardless of screen size or a mobile device applicable.


Adaptive courses interface and unique approach to materials presentation made TET a called-for project among students who prefer mobile learning with no strings attached.

Owner's Feedback

Martin Beijer
Martin Beijer

JoomLMS Team followed my instructions and requirements strictly and showed perfect sense of quality and timing.

Having such a professional team at my hand I was able to implement my own teaching method and reach such a success.

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