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About the project

The company name is Environmental Project Management & Sustainability Solutions. Our prime market is environmental organizations.

Selection Process

I was really looking for something that worked with Joomla!® and I could get a technical support for both platforms. I didn’t want this: “Well, we don’t know anything about Joomla! back and forth.” So that was a real criterion, to have the system integrated with Joomla!.


We started this early in 2008. We started to look at online training and hired a consultant who looked at the instructor-led content and provided directions. I don’t even think that term “eLearning” existed at that time, just online training. It was originally developed in Moodle.

My corporate website uses Joomla and because I wanted to charge a fee for this course I asked a web hosting company to add e-transaction capabilities to this as I’ve spent a lot of money building this

I also had troubles with Moodle in terms of integrating the videos within the individual modules. They were able to post the videos all in a kind of a resource section and I wanted the students went through the course –lesson one, lesson 2, lesson 3, to be able to click on an icon of a video and watch it as they went through without having to back up to a resource section. So, I wasn’t really happy with a flow between the videos and the content in a Moodle Learning Management System. And I was advised to get that functionality you have to upgrade Moodle. And then they were also saying that I need to upgrade my Joomla! and that was a whole new rewrite of Joomla!. This was going to be a major upgrade. Then I said: “Well, I want to start looking for something that is going to work with Joomla! because of all these integration issues between Moodle and Joomla! and incompatibility between versions of Joomla! and versions of Moodle. That is what drew me to start looking for a solution like JoomLMS. That is a long story.


The company that I was using for hosting my Joomla! turned out to be not Joomla! people and they were continuously suggesting that I should change my whole Back End for my corporate website and I said that I was not going there. They told me that they’re going to support Joomla! and now you were telling me that not. That is why I started looking for another hosting firm. And I found a new company that provided me with JoomLMS and JomSocial support. I also had a lot of problems with hacking into the LMS early in the days. It was all about setting proper security protocols in place. It wasn’t an issue with LMS, it was more of a problem with a lack of security protocols and backups going on. It all related to having a web-hosting firm that wasn’t really meeting my needs. Then I changed to a new Joomla!, new JoomLMS, a new system of security and things started to roll out smoothly. And it was probably just 3 years ago.


I am in a training business. I own my own company, not a large shop. And I have been doing training for 15 years. I am using it now for marketing as a sort of a bundle package, blended I guess, of an instructor-led and online. It affects the business and the module by which the training is marketed.

Our customer’s experience

It seems to be pretty solid. I don’t get complaints from my web-hosting guy that he is having difficulties doing things. My admin person finds all the functionality and features that she needs to support users, get information how users are progressing through the courses. I am not getting any feedback from her she is having any problems. I know that my web-hosting firm does the technical end of things if I need design, updates. We’ve just implemented a new online course and we found all the functions and features we needed to facilitate all the design, functionality that I was looking for in terms of a course within an LMS. So, I am quite happy with the LMS so far.
Greg Philliban
Project Manager, Consultant & Team Lead

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