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  • Country: The USA

About the project

New England Network Solutions is IT services firm providing project services, consulting, security and support for computers and networks for small businesses in New England Area.

Selection Process

For us, the selection process in trying to find training solution came down to a few things. We reached out to our peers in the industry, we talked to some of our clients to figure out how they are training their employees. And then, of course, we reached out to all bunch of different training vendors, set up demos and meetings to figure out what are the capabilities of some of the systems and whether we are going to be able to do all the things we want to do in terms of creating our own training, tracking the training properly, grading our employees so we can understand exactly how well they did, where they stand and keeping a history of all of that training information.

And what we’ve found was that most LMS solutions had similar capabilities, some were more advanced in certain features than others. But what we’ve found with JoomLMS was that it is a totally flexible solution, very simple to set up and use, especially for somebody like me who has never managed or used an LMS solution on a back end. I’ve been a student in cases of using LMS applications but never the administrator so I needed something I could jump right into and start using right away.

The other thing that we had to look at, of course, was the price. In JoomLMS’s case price was, in most cases, far lower than a lot of the other vendors, so that played into our decision pretty heavily, especially after seeing all the features and benefits that JoomLMS had to offer.


Once we’ve finally decided on JoomLMS and we went through the implementation it was fairly easy. We were able to buy our training domain name, they set it all up for us, they host the website for us and set up JoomLMS. And then they offered training to get us into the Front End of the system and the Back End to show us how to set up users and create the different training programs that we needed to.

The great thing about JoomLMS is that it is SCORM compliant so I can either create SCORMs using the tools I’ve purchased from JoomLMS and create my own content doing that using things like PowerPoint and various office applications or I can integrate audio and video into the SCORMs I’ve created for training programs. I am also able to create all the quizzes and tests on my own and customize them any way that we want to. We can do all of that but we can also purchase SCORMs from third-party sources and just upload them into the system because it is SCORM compliant. I feel that we’ve got the ultimate flexibility at the price point that is just fantastic.


Child sexual abuse is a problem everywhere, so the more we can extend our reach the better it is for children. As a small educational company, however, we needed to find a cost effective way to launch our first online training project.

Every project involves challenges, and I was a newbie at online training and online payment systems. We tried to be proactive and map out our needs and ask lots of questions, but many times we simply surmounted our challenges by asking questions and getting great customer support.


The challenges that we face in our industry are numerous: everything from the constant changing of technology that we have to stay on top of, to the fact that we have a largely mobile workforce that we have to somehow communicate with and train on a consistent basis, to the fact that our clients are facing all of their own challenges in each of their own industries as it proteins to technology, security as well as regulatory compliance. So all of these things we have to be consistently thinking about, keeping our staff up to date in order to provide proper solutions to those clients.

Our customer’s experience

Working with them as a company has been fantastic. They are available very quickly most of the time on communicating via email but I’ve also communicated over the phone with them. Support is fast in getting back to me if I need it and the renewal every year is very simple. They make it very easy for us. So I would highly recommend JoomLMS to anybody out there looking for a training solution that is mobile, flexible and at the right price point.
Josh Oakes
VP, Operations & Finance

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