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  • Sphere of application: Real Estate and Mortgage Finance Business
  • Country: The USA

About the project

ProEducate is a proprietary school offering online training for licensing in the real estate and mortgage finance business. In the US, these professions are carefully regulated and a license is required to initially practice and it is followed by annual continuing education, Both of these are provided by ProEducate, the online division of Executive Training Centers, LLC.

Selection Process

We hired a technical expert to investigate several alternatives and JoomLMS was the most highly recommended. It was not a difficult decision because JoomLMS was clearly far superior to anything in the market.


A versatile LMS was essential and in our business we needed a great deal of custom reporting. JoomLMS had many of the functional specifications we needed already in place, so it meant we would have to customize less than we would with alternative systems.

Because JoomLMS had so many features, it took a bit to get the hang of what we had to work with, but all in all, it was not a difficult process. I don't think we have fully utilized all the features available to us...the system is that well designed and full of benefits. We learn new things about it constantly.


Our entire course presentation depends on the LMS. Fortunately we have such flexibility with the system that it impacts on all aspects of what we do. I think it is most beneficial in providing details of the student activities online that we otherwise would not have access to.

Our customer’s experience

Obviously, the LMS is great, but knowing I have access to people like the ones I have dealt with at JoomLMS is what makes this work for us. Everyone, and I say that without exception, that I have dealt with has been among the most helpful and professional I have encountered at any business with which I deal.
R. L Ponthier, Ph.D., Ed.D., DREI Director

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