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We used to think that LMS (Learning Management System) is either used for eLearning practices or corporate training. However, there are more ways to use LMS and one of them is for making money. Have you thought of LMS as a base of online business for selling e-courses? Not yet? In that case this post is right for you.

The article was last updated on August 22nd 2016.

To become a successful online courses provider, you don’t need to be a certified college professor with years of practice. Correctly combining 4 components - niche, technology, content and strategy – you can create a profitable training company.


Choosing the correct niche is one the most important steps on your way to building a successful business and you have to get it right. First of all, think about a topic you have solid knowledge about. Then analyze: will people be willing to join the course? Will they want to pay you to have an access to the course? Are there competitors? After a detailed research and a conducted benchmarking get down to searching for a right technology.


A correctly chosen platform like LMS can save you a bunch of time, exempt you from a necessity to manage all the materials manually and give you a full control over your e-courses. To choose the LMS right, pay a particular attention to such criteria as the LMS pricing strategy and ecommerce tools integration.

Talking about price, it is worth to mention, that any LMS implementation requires investments. It doesn’t matter whether your LMS is free or commercial. While free learning managements systems don’t have an initial payment, they require adaption, customization, improvement and maintenance services that can become expensive. Commercial learning management systems like JoomLMS in turn charge for a license, however cut staff recruiting costs.

Choosing LMS, consider ecommerce tools integration and course selling methods to have multiple payment options available.

*JoomLMS course subscriptions selling methods were described in one of the blog posts and it can be found here.

course subscription


After a niche is chosen, time for content creating comes. The type of content you choose (video, quizzes, tutorials, whiteboards etc.) should be based on your audience analysis. Find out who your customers are and what kind of content will be the most suitable for them. Keep lessons engaging, short, easy to understand and professionally edited.


To make business successful idea is not enough. You need to have a business plan, understand the needs of your target market and work on building a personal brand. First steps are the hardest; to get started you need to attract first customers. There is a number of steps you can take:

  • Make your eLearning website SEO-optimized, work on its design, add logo and all contact information;
  • Offer free courses;
  • Build a community out of the people interested in the topic;
  • Use social media platforms to promote the courses and find potential clients;
  • Work on receiving testimonials you can publish on your website;
  • Use email marketing.

Course selling with JoomLMS

To show that selling courses actually works in practice, we decided to bring our client TrainingCourse.com as an example.

TrainingCourses.com uses JoomLMS to provide over 800 online elearning training courses for businesses and individuals. To learn more about how JoomLMS can help you in selling courses please visit JoomLMS for selling courses page.

Making money with LMS is real. Use your expertise to teach others and build your eLearning career. Maybe, you are already an expert; you have your own blog where you constantly share great pieces of advice? Take the information from there and create an eLearning course!

Do you use JoomLMS for selling courses? Share with us your experience in the comments below!

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