Sell Courses Online with JoomLMS

Sell courses online with JoomLMS Learning Management System, share your knowledge and monetize the expertise!

Make money online by selling educational or training courses using LMS! Due to high tuition costs and busy life-schedule more and more people around the world choose online courses as a perfect way to gain new skills.
Sell eLearning courses with JoomLMS and teach the world!
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Take Full Control of Branding and Design

You install JoomLMS at your own Joomla!® website and take full control of its branding and design.
With only a few mouse clicks you can easily change the LMS fonts and colors, upload a logo, change student’s and teacher’s interface.

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Don't Split the Profit with Anyone Else

You don’t need to split your profit with anyone else as opposed to third-party platforms for selling online courses.
You are the owner of the brand, eLearning courses, analytics and visitor traffic of the website where online courses are sold.

JoomLMS shopping cart

Be in Charge of Pricing and Payment Methods

You are the one who is in charge of course pricing. With JoomLMS you can offer discounts and create discount coupons when selling courses.
A number of integrated payment processors doesn’t limit your clients in scope of payment methods and allows them to pay in any preferable way.

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SEO Promote and Market Your Courses

You can SEO promote and market your online courses to increase the ranking and take first positions in Google.
You own the students data, have a full access to audience and website analytics and can easily use this data for better marketing and course promotion.

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Extend the LMS Functionality

You can customize JoomLMS and extend it with a bunch of third-party extensions thus differentiating your business from competitors not being just another online school.

JoomLMS content builder

Create Courses in Minutes!

With the help of a convenient course builder you can create unlimited number of courses and choose the course format (lecture, webinar, documents). You can create learner’s paths and set course prerequisites to make your courses engaging and interactive.

Joomla LMS statistics

Maximize the ROI of LMS

With JoomLMS you can reveal and fill in the gaps in the courses usability, navigation and structure.
Advanced reports give you valuable insights into course completion statistics and individual learner’s progress thus helping you to exclude large scale-mistakes and maximize the return on investment.

joomla LMS scalability

Upgrade with Your Business Growth

JoomLMS is the eLearning platform for selling courses that grows with you. You can upgrade any time when more students’ seats are necessary.

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