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Satisfy corporate training needs and drive your business to new
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Reasons to invest in corporate training as well as ways to train employees are numerous. But if the goal is to increase productivity, improve performance, simplify onboarding process and reduce turnover without spending a fortune then the optimal way is to use LMS for corporate training. With JoomLMS you will reduce the corporate training costs and increase employee training effectiveness.
joomla lms calendar

Reduce Corporate Training Costs

By training employees online you save money on traveling, accommodation, food and conference room renting.
Online corporate training can be scheduled within the employee’s timetable and senior employees are not pulled off from their job duties.

JoomLMS logo upload

Brand the LMS for Corporate Training

JoomLMS is a highly customizable training platform.
You can not only change its branding by changing colors, fonts and uploading the logo to match the company style but to rename terms, customize JoomLMS look & feel and configure the user interface for different user groups.

Joomla LMS security

Be Sure in Data Security

JoomLMS is a perfect match for companies' with security restrictions for storing proprietary or sensitive information.
In comparison with cloud solutions, the data is stored locally and is secured against information leak.

joomla lms crm integration

Integrate JoomLMS into all Aspects of Business

If the company uses CRM, talent management or HR software for business processes it is possible to develop the integration with JoomLMS Training Platform.
Such integration provides benefits for sales, customer communication, corporate training, career development and data management.

joomlms social learning

Increase Engagement and Competitiveness

JoomLMS Training System has an embedded quiz and chat tools to encourage informal learning and integration with JomSocial to foster the spirit of competitiveness.
Plus, you can apply the storytelling technique to practice real-life scenarios or blended learning approach for flexibility.

joomlms learning path

Manage Corporate Training Easily

JoomLMS allows you to divide employees' corporate training process into sequences of learning steps an employee needs to take to fulfill the corporate training and get a certificate.
You set the learning objects, assign tasks and arrange prerequisites depending on employee’s specialty or level of expertise.

joomlms reports

Monitor Employees' Progress

JoomLMS reports give you valuable insights into employees’ corporate training progress based on which you can decide whether an employee is diligent enough and is worth keeping and investing money in.

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