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Last week we shared two stories of successfully implemented online training projects within our blog series intended to take a behind-the-scenes look at building a successful LMS-based business.

Today’s case is from the Industry of Consulting and Quality Management.

Last week we shared two stories of successfully implemented online training projects within our blog series intended to take a behind-the-scenes look at building a successful LMS-based business.

Today’s case is from the Industry of Consulting and Quality Management.

A story how a small consulting company became the Best e-Learning Course Provider 2017 & won the Award for Excellence in Multi-Method Training Styles.

A Learning Management System for Quality Management and Consulting Industry

Quality Management Training and Management Consulting are the practices of adding value to organizations by improving their internal business processes, minimizing errors and achieving the maximum customer satisfaction.

Industries all over the world invest in Lean Six Sigma Training programs, intended to improve the effectiveness of their business. Originally developed by an engineer at Motorola, the Lean Six Sigma approach has proven its effectiveness and has been implemented worldwide.

Today, Lean Six Sigma Training moved online, to meet the needs of professionals with a busy lifestyle and self-paced learning approach.

Online qualitative management and consulting training on the basis of a Learning Management System is not only delivered in a self-paced way but also at a lower cost, in comfortable settings and using a variety of learning techniques such as blended, flipped, personalized learning, microlearning etc. All of these make online training an effective alternative to traditional classroom-based courses with a standardized approach to training. A supervisor is not only taught the Lean Six Sigma fundamentals but can immediately apply the gained knowledge at the workplace to start improving the operational processes right away.

A story of BITSPEC Lean Six Sigma Certification and its Knowledge Leader and ELearning Professor - Dorina Grossu

BITSPEC Lean Six Sigma Certification

Thoughts Loud…

I think that most of us struggle when we write about our own experiences because we try first to find within ourselves that event or particular moment that led to the future changes. Afterwards, we want to express and share with our readers the reasons and thoughts, feelings and emotions that we went through, but sometimes most of them don’t come easily. It is first the judgment that we had that initiated our further actions yet sometimes it is almost impossible to define and describe the particular moment.

Dorina Grossu

As Charles Sanders Peirce, Writings 2: 241, 227, 227n wrote “ Accordingly, just as we say that a body is in motion, and not that motion is in a body, we ought to say that we are in thought, and not that thoughts are in us”; we all have thoughts about what we like and can do, what and how we can help people and communities therefore the idea of an organization that can potentially help people to grow through a customized approach to education and training was around us over many years.

An Idea Appears…

Then it was a certain time when IT development occurred that we knew precisely that Learning Management System on the JoomlArt platform was something that would become viable to us. It was always the thought that communication and peace are part of the art therefore as we believe in the quality of life, the opportunities came during that time when the financial and manufacturing markets were falling apart around the world.

Although many companies might have started to implement the Learning Management System because they had clients asking for newer or better product, our company was transformed in 2012 from a consulting company that was offering consulting in Vision Management and healthcare equipment into an Education and Training certification in Lean Six Sigma.


My education is a Master Degree in Chemical Engineering although there are other areas that I have studied as bioinformatics, statistics, IT and business management, neuroeconomics, systems biology etc. For almost 20 years, I worked full-time in management and consulting positions within the automotive, banking, insurance, and healthcare environments.

Turning Idea Into Business

LMS Advancements

Education was one of the areas that have always been part of my life yet it never crossed my mind that I will be doing it as a way of earning an income because not far away it would have been almost impossible unless the person would have been hired by a college or university.

With the advancements made in Learning Management System and in setting websites, today that dream became a reality.

The Biggest Challenge

LMS difficulties

If anyone had asked me whether it is hard to run a business that can make some profit, my answer would be that it is very hard because most of the large organization do not consider those small size organizations as becoming a viable source for training and education.

There are then the small sizes and middle sizes organizations that still chose to take the training from larger organizations. Doing a diligent process is mandatory and rather small steps than large steps is also required when either a person or a group of people decide to provide education and training.

Without Support Success Won’t be Possible

My husband, Mitch Grossu who is the CEO of our organization also provides the financial resources and advice regarding the large steps that we had to take, but nothing would have been possible without Vittorio Palladino - CTO and Business Development. Cornelio Abellanas is our Lean Six Sigma consultant and likes to teach in the class environment while my preference is online.

Getting Recognized Within the Industry

Recently, our organization was voted as “Best e-Learning Course Provider 2017 & Award for Excellence in Multi Method Training Styles” by Corporate Vision ( and in 2014 we were qualified on the 8th place in the world under Leadership 500 as an International Company."

As you can see, even a small business can enter and grow in the marketplace.

If you have any questions to Dorina, she can be reached at and on Linkedin Personal Page and LinkedIn Company's Page.

We really hope that the stories we share within this blog series will inspire you to take an online business journey.

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