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What is LTI

LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) is a method for rich learning tools to integrate into each other. This specification, created by IMS Global, allows platforms like JoomLMS (a learning management system) to connect with 3rd party platforms or applications (tool providers) for single sign-on purposes. With the use of LTI, you can connect easily, safely, and securely from JoomLMS to other systems, without costly and time-consuming custom integrations.

Why use LTI

LTI eliminates the need to manage multiple sets of login credentials for separate websites/tools. Users can access all of the resources they need from a central access point (JoomLMS). With the LTI compatibility, there is no need for custom work and a method of integration is provided to the end user on demand.

LTI integration

Advantages of LTI

  • simple tools integration
  • single sign-in
  • simple and fast navigation between all the connected tools
  • secure data and users transfer

What to pay attention to

LTI merely changes how data is passed to third parties. Therefore, it is very important to review each tool integration to ensure that the vendor adheres to national or local policies and laws related to personal info, records, accessibility etc.

Information tracking

LTI allows tracking the following information:

  • users info
  • attendance
  • users roles
  • courses completion

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Examples of JoomLMS LTI integration possibilities

There are some additional government requirements in the USA that oblige users to verify their personality by entering password not typing but drawing it. Therefore, the BioMetric Signature ID integration is required (see the screenshot below).

Being LTI compatible JoomLMS was able to provide such kind of integration helping the customers to adhere to local laws and preventing from overspending on the custom integration.


Another example applicable here is the webinar tool integration. We were often asked is there any way to integrate some alternative webinar tools, except for GoToMeeting, preserving the tracking functionality. Our estimations showed that such kind of integration would be extremely costly and time-consuming. However, at the moment, we are able to provide our customers with any LTI compatible webinar tool like Zoom, for example, avoiding overspending.

In case you would like to know more about JoomLMS LTI integration possibilities contact us and we will gladly answer your questions!