author Darya Tarliuk
author 17 Oct 2019
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Dear clients, we are glad to announce JoomLMS 2.2.1 release.

The new version is PHP 7.3.x compatible.

JoomLMS 2.2.1 is available for upgrade in the administration area of your website and for purchase in our store.


  • Translation: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian;
  • GoToMeeting integration update;
  • The "LMS homepage" and "Courses List" pages performance improvement and optimization;
  • The 'Add user' pages performance on large database sites improvement;
  • UI/UX improvements to the course and content creation/management functionality;
  • ACL and permissions checking for the 'Course import' page improvements;
  • The user roles with the 'work with assigned groups only' permission enabled improved functionality;
  • Quizzes: SQL optimizations and speed improvements;


  • Joomla 3.9.x compatibility bugs fixed;
  • Issues with redirection between the pages for guests and registered users fixed;
  • Issues with courses Export/Import fixed;
  • Discount calculation errors fixed;
  • The 'Course completion' email notification bug fixed;
  • Displaying the File Library resources on the Course Home page fixed;
  • The Learning Path step completion status changing by Teacher/Admin bug fixed;
  • Joomla! CMS modules management functionality on the 5th step of Course Builder fixed;

We encourage you to update the system to take advantage of the new features and fixes. If you need help with the upgrade process, please send a ticket to the helpdesk department.