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author 17 Jan 2019
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Dear clients, we are glad to announce JoomLMS 2.2.0 release.

The new version is LTI and PHP 7.2.x compatible.

JoomLMS 2.2.0 is available for upgrade in the administration area of your website and for purchase in our store.

JoomLMS 2.2.0 New Features and Improvements:

  • LTI compatibility. JoomLMS can work as an LTI tool consumer, this allows users to interact with LTI-compliant resources and activities on the other websites;
  • PHP 7.2.x compatibility. JoomLMS now can work on all PHP versions from PHP 5.6.x to 7.2.x;
  • Joomla 3.9.x compatibility.
  • Improvement: UI fixes for various devices and screen sizes, improvements for 'Print' layout of JoomLMS pages;
  • New: Сonfigurable 'require password reset' setting for CSV-imported users
  • Possibility to limit discounts (for paid course subscriptions) to specific Joomla groups;
  • New: A possibility to register new user accounts from frontend (configurable ACL permission for each user role in JoomLMS);
  • New: HTML descriptions for course categories.

SCORM/AICC engine:

  • Improved handling of the "SCORM resume" feature;
  • mproved compatibility with "Open in new window" resources;
  • SCORM2004: 3rd and 4th edition compatibility fixes;
  • AICC: better handling of remote https resources;
  • SCORM: several fixes related to 'time spent' estimation;
  • Fixed problem with temporary completions disappearing on some system configurations;
  • Improved handling of multi-SCO SCORM resources.


  • NEW: SCORM statistics report with all attempts tracked (XLS/PDF export);
  • NEW: SCORM interactions report (list of questions/answers for SCORM quizzes) for 'graded' attempt (if such data is tracked by SCORM).

Performance improvements and optimizations:

  • Course/Users removing operations: performance fixes;
  • Global questions pool [PRO only]: performance fixes;
  • LPaths navigation on big sites (with big number of LPaths/Steps): performance fixes;
  • Users management (both frontend and backend): performance fixes and SQL optimizations;
  • Navigation in courses with topics: performance fixes;
  • 'Tracking' tool pages: performance fixes and SQL optimizations.

Courses and Subscriptions:

  • Course categories: HTML description show during course subscribe process when courses/subscriptions filtered by specific category.
  • Course Export/Import general improvements and fixes (handling of JoomLMS modules, fixes);
  • Fix: export/import of really big courses (4Gb+);
  • Course registration questions page: UI and usability improvements.

JoomLMS 2.2.0 Bugfixes:

  • Mailbox: general fixes, improved access control permissions
  • Assignments: UI improvements, time zone time offset fixes
  • Quizzes: fixed several issues related to completion date on certificates;
  • Reporting: Several fixes with Reporting tools for users with "Work with assigned groups only" permission;
  • Reporting: fixed 'Likert Scale' question reports;
  • Reporting: time zone time offset fixes for Quizzes reports;
  • UI: top 'Menu' module layout fixes, 'Login' module CSS fixes.


  • Database check: general fixes and improvements;
  • Database check: fixed a problem when maintenance process blocked by server firewall;
  • Certificates list: improved filtering and navigation

What is Coming Next?

In the next JoomLMS release, you will be able to enjoy the native forum functionality. Please follow the updates.

We encourage you to update the system to take advantage of the new features and fixes. If you need help with the upgrade process, please send a ticket to the helpdesk department.