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The eLearning industry has grown dramatically over the last years. Each year more and more companies give their preference to the online employees training. Studying online becomes easier and cheaper.

Are you still hesitating to invest in eLearning? Here are 7 Reasons why you should invest in eLearning right Now!

TOP 7 Reasons to Invest in eLearning Now

eLearning is Huge

77% of the U.S. companies offer online training as a way to improve their employee’s professional development.

The corporate eLearning market is expected to grow 13% per year until 2019.

Benefits of the eLearning When Done Right

1. eLearning takes less time

Why? Online training requires 40-60% less time than the classroom one

  • Self-placed learning and mobile learning allow learners to choose the most suitable time and place
  • Learners do not have to spend time to travel or commute
  • Microlearning that breaks material into bite-size chunks enables learners to spend as little as 5 minutes per session
  • 2. eLearning costs less

    26% of companies saw a decrease in cost after implementing eLearning:

    $11 per learner vs $95 per learner

    Businesses save a minimum of 50% when they transition from classroom training to eLearning

    Why? With eLearning you don’t have to pay for:

  • Travel and accommodation
  • Instructor for every training session
  • Facilities (classroom and equipment)
  • 3. Employees learn more

    The participants of an eLearning course learn five times more without increasing the time spent in training.

    Why? eLearning engagement strategies like edutrainment and gamification increase the learning intensity

    4. Employees remember more, compare:

    60% knowledge retention from eLearning and 8-10% from face-to-face learning

    Why? eLearning reinforcement strategies help learners retain more knowledge:

  • Gamification
  • Spaced repetition
  • Continuous post-assessment
  • 5. Employees become better at their jobs

    53% saw an increase in productivity and engagement

    10% or more in improvements to key performance indicators (KPIs)

    Why? Because successful eLearning strategies include:

  • Learning content that is customized and relevant to work
  • Enablement tools, such as action plans, templates, playbooks, checklists etc. can be directly applied to work
  • 6. Employees like their job more

    16% of companies saw a decrease in turnover rate

    Why? 7 out of 10 employees are less likely to quit if they like the job-related training

    7. eLearning helps achieve company goals

  • 46% are more likely to be the leader in their industry
  • 42% say online training has led to an increase in revenue
  • 58% feel prepared to meet future demands
  • 72% believe that eLearning provides a competitive advantage
  • Why? Because successful eLearning is aligned with company’s goals:

    Business Goals – eLearning Objectives – Curriculum

    Kateryna Reshetilo

    Author: Kateryna Reshetilo Head of Marketing and Business Development at Greenice, web development agency. I explore business opportunities, develop and execute marketing strategies. I also write articles about ways businesses can leverage technology, including eLearning

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