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The eLearning market is expected to reach $37.6 billion by 2020 , which only means that this technology is here to stay. The question is how you personally will react to it. Will you adopt eLearning for your kids to make the most out of their education or will you decide that education should be less digital after all?

It’s up to you to decide. However, if you’ve been thinking about adopting eLearning as a part of your child’s education, we are here to support you. And if you cannot decide that yet, here are 9 reasons why you and your kids should try eLearning.

1. It is easy to use.

Like it or not, but education does become more digital with time. However, this definitely isn’t a bad thing. On the contrary, now your children can forget about carrying heavy books around (and worrying when they forget them at home or at school).

But the gadgets aren’t simply lighter - they are also easier to use and more intuitive as well. Tablets these days can replace laptops and desktop computers and they can be used by kids of all ages.

2. It helps to save the data more effectively.

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Furthermore, tablets, laptops, and smartphones have another great perk: they allow users to send data quickly and to store it effectively (using cloud services or hard drives or both). This means that it’s nearly impossible to lose this data. Even if a task gets lost, there’s a big chance the teacher or the student will have a copy left.

The same goes for feedback and any other form of teacher-student communication: if it happens online, it will be stored safely for further reference.

3. It offers unlimited access to education resources.

And not only to them, of course. When it comes to eLearning, the resources could vary a lot. Children can use online libraries, online courses , education websites, Wikipedia, and even ordinary websites to learn something. The best thing about it is that in most cases the information is free.

So if your child is curious and likes to learn something new, eLearning will literally open a world of knowledge to them.

4. It offers more opportunities for sharing and presentation.

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It’s not only the learning opportunities that are almost limitless - the sharing and presentation ones are like that as well. Remember those times when students could express their thoughts only by writing essays? They are long gone. Nowadays students have all these multimedia tools to present their views and thoughts. They can create presentations, slides with images, include videos to support their point of view, and so on.

What’s even more important is that they could share it not only with their teachers and their class - the whole world could hear the students if they want this to happen. This also means that students can get feedback from all over the world, learning something new through collaboration and communication.

5. It makes the timing flexible.

When it comes to traditional learning, the timing is crucial. If a student gets ill, they often miss the opportunity to learn something and need to catch up in most cases (which could be a difficult thing to do on their own to some students). If a teacher skips class for some reason, they might not have another chance to give a lecture on a specific topic, etc.

This doesn’t happen with eLearning though. A student can learn whenever they want, be it early in the morning or late in the evening, on a workday or during the weekend. Even if a student doesn’t study one day this still won’t mean that it’s too late to catch up because the information is still available.

6. It offers personal approach.

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The lack of personal approach is one of the biggest flaws of the traditional education system . Those students, who need more time to understand the information, tend to fall behind, while those, who understand everything quickly, often feel bored and in many cases don’t get an opportunity to hone their skills and to improve their knowledge.

When it comes to eLearning, the same course can be delivered in different ways and at a different pace. The tablets are also designed to accommodate special needs, so even the students with disabilities can learn effectively and comfortably.

7. It improves computer skills.

In most cases, our children are more skilled in using the computers than we are - but it never hurts for them to improve in that even more. After all, computer skills are crucial these days. They are needed in many professions and so it’s vital to strengthen them from a young age.

Furthermore, modern tablets encourage creativity as well, offering the students more opportunities to hone their creative skills by drawing, creating music, making videos, etc.

8. It offers learning simulations.

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Some learn better by experience - and eLearning offers that experience to students. Sure, it would be pricey, risky, and probably far from possible for many to travel to Amazon jungle to learn more about the species there, for example. With the help of eLearning, a student can do that without getting themselves into risk.

But this doesn’t end here. There are also all kinds of various stimulation games that allow students to try performing a surgery, piloting a plane, mixing a chemical, and so on. It makes the learning process more fun and memorable as well, also teaching the students how to think out of the box.

9. It suits the modern life.

The future is already here, as we’re told. The technologies are everywhere, helping us with various aspects of our lives. So adopting eLearning seems only natural to many.

It’s more convenient as well. Students can learn at a comfortable time and pace, have unlimited access to information, find some help and guidance online to work on their weak spots, and so on.

Therefore, if your child is curious and creative, consider introducing them to eLearning. This could really expand the education process for them, make them more creative, and help them understand what they like the most.

Do you consider eLearning effective? Or are you a fan of traditional learning? Please share your thoughts and arguments in the comments below.

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