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Writing a good, attention-grabbing text is never easy, no matter what it's purposes are. With education courses where descriptions, titles, introductions and all of the other elements have to be impeccable and compelling, this is even more noticeable. However, there are some things that you can do to improve your content and draw more people to take your courses.

Here are some of the suggestions:

1. Create a catchy and attention-grabbing headline

By now, everyone is familiar with the importance of the title. This is the first thing that your customers will see and it needs to be good. You could use questions, interesting statements or quotes from famous people as your title. “Catchy titles basically do half the job for you. They can draw your customers in with an interesting premise and offer them something that they need. This is why you should take special care when writing them – you don't want your hook to be bland,” says Cody Aston, a writer at UKTopWriters .

2. Keep it short and simple

When it comes to describing and introducing a course, lengthy text is never a good option. This will bore your customer. Instead, write catchy, short descriptions – highlight some of the most interesting parts. The same goes for wordiness. Using too many complicated, dictionary words is only going to lead your customer to give up on their purchase. Simple words are enough to explain anything without causing confusion.

3. Descriptions should be proofread

Spelling and grammar errors are bad for your business. Studies show that most of the customers give up on the purchase upon noticing more than one mistake. They associate this with low quality of product and fraud. This is why you should proofread each element of your course description and introduction before publishing it. Proofreading can be tiring, though, and mistakes are difficult to notice once you get used to a text – this is why you might want to consider using online proofreading tools like OXEssays or Big Assignments .

4. Utilize multimedia presentations

Multimedia presentations are a wonderful way of showcasing your course without boring the customer. Humans like to look at things and listen to things a lot more than they like reading. Use this for your own benefit. You could also implement an interactive introduction to your course. Use nice music and compelling pictures in your presentation for the best effect.

5. Use good formatting to highlight important elements

Formatting offers a wide array of tools and features that give you way to draw the reader's attention to the important elements. When people look at a text, their eyes slide over to the most noticeable parts – words written in bold, italic, highlighted with an interesting color etc. “There are some parts of every text which are more important than the others. This is what formatting is made for. Utilize it in order to highlight all of the important pieces and words. You'll instantly get an attention-grabbing text,” says Tilly Nest, an editor from SimpleGrad.

6. Get them excited about learning

One of the best ways to get people to purchase your course is to get them excited about learning. Essentially, humans are curious and they want to learn as many things as they can. Wake up the natural curiosity in them and inspire them to learn.

7. Use the help of copywriters

Copywriters are the professionals who can offer you good and compelling texts for your courses. Use their services in order to get the best out of your course descriptions, introductions and titles.

There are many copywriting services platforms but if you are thinking about using copywriting services, some of the best platforms for that are StudentWritingServices and NSW Writing Services.


With a compelling title and description, you could get many of your customers to sign up for your course. What matters is that you offer them something of value and present it in a fun and interesting way. Formatting, copywriters, multimedia presentations are some of the tools at your disposal but you could also get creative and think of a unique way of selling your courses. These tips will certainly set you up for success and they will make your courses more appealing to customers.

*Grace Carter is a writer and editor at Grade On Fire, educational writing service.

Grace Carter

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