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Become an ELearning Professional

You have a good position in a well-known company. You even got promoted a few times. You know your job, your industry, and all the pitfalls to avoid. You are an expert in what you are doing.

Nevertheless, one day you wake up and realize that your life is a boring routine; you want more than just working in the office and performing the same tasks every day.

You want to be in the driver’s seat of your life.

You are looking for a change.

You have a good position in a well-known company. You even got promoted a few times. You know your job, your industry, and all the pitfalls to avoid. You are an expert in what you are doing.

Nevertheless, one day you wake up and realize that your life is a boring routine; you want more than just working in the office and performing the same tasks every day.

You want to be in the driver’s seat of your life.

You are looking for a change.

“How about starting my own business? Training online and selling my expertise seems to be a good option.”

So you quit your job and the very next day you sit in front of your monitor with a cup of freshly brewed coffee, enthusiastic about the bright future and recognition you will get.

However, after staring at a blank screen for several hours, completely google-eyed, you understand that you don’t know a thing about training online, creating engaging online courses, learning techniques to apply…

You start to panic.

“Have I made a mistake leaving my well-paid job?”

Absolutely not!

You could drive your business to success by learning from the others’ experience, and not paying a penny too. There is an incredible amount of information and eLearning industry insights out there for anyone willing to learn how to boost eLearning career, apply modern learning techniques, promote yourself as an eLearning professional, create engaging courses and stand out among the growing competition in the online courses market. There are blogs, books and interviews you can read to keep up with the eLearning market trends and industry changes.

Below we are sharing 25 of our favorite eLearning and edtech blogs on the web that can help you evolve and grow as a Learning Professional.

1. Capterra’s Blog

Capterra’s Blog

Capterra’s Training Technology Blog is about technology, training software, eLearning tech trends, learning techniques and strategies. Here you will find advice on how to select edtech software, avoid common training pitfalls, manage complex training and design eLearning experiences that matter.

We recommend reading The Ultimate Guide to Finding an LMS You’ll Love.

2. Cathy Moore’s Blog

Cathy Moore’s Blog

Cathy is an internationally recognized training designer who shares fabulous ideas on how to save the world from boring training. Whether you are searching for fresh ideas on how to involve learners or hoping to become an L&D Hero, Cathy’s blog beyond any doubt should be in your bookmarked collection.

We recommend reading How to really Involve Learners.

3. Catlin Tucker’s Blog

Catlin Tucker’s Blog

If you are thinking of applying the blended learning approach and looking for qualitative tips to get the blended learning right, then Catlin’s blog is a perfect source to get the best practices on implementing blended learning and overcoming all the barriers teachers could face.

We recommend reading 50 Minute Periods Are Killing Teacher Creativity.

4. Teaching Academia

Teaching Academia

Leigh Hall is a university professor and in her blog she explores the issues that are important for her career, shares the experience of taking and developing online courses, deciding on the content, taking job interviews, using technology in higher education and much more. Her writings are sincere and honest. Just read a few paragraphs and you won’t be able to stop.

We recommend reading Taking An Online Course: Lessons Learned.

5. Donald Clark Plan B Learning

Donald Clark Plan B Learning

Donald Clark is an EdTech entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in online learning. In his blog he shares his critical views on learning technologies, innovations, learning myths and Virtual Reality. Plan B Learning is a great place to find an independent opinion on online learning experience, learning design and much more.

We recommend reading 20 Ways to Make Your ELearning Totally Suck.

6. E-Learning 24/7 Blog

E-Learning 24/7 Blog

Craig Weiss is an influential ELearning Industry expert and the author of one of the most readable eLearning blogs on the web - 24/7 E-Learning. Craig constantly shares the eLearning industry insights, eLearning trends and LMS reviews, so it is a great place to stay hip and trendy.

We recommend reading Authoring Tool Trends for 2017.

7. E-Learning Heroes Community Blog

E-Learning Heroes Community Blog

The E-Learning Heroes Community blog is a fountain of knowledge. Here you can not only read useful articles written by experienced instructional designers, but find a bunch of free resources, course examples and great sources of daily inspiration you just can’t get enough of.

We recommend reading 10 Overlooked Sources for E-Learning Design Inspiration.

8. E-Learning Provocateur

E-Learning Provocateur

The E-Learning Provocateur blog belongs to Ryan Tracey, an eLearning Expert, and a former ELearning magazine editorial board member. Ryan’s posts are thought-provoking, encouraging and fascinating. One more eLearning blog to put into your RSS reader.

We recommend reading 10 Journals Every E-Learning Professional Should Read.

9. ELearning Industry

ELearning Industry

Every single post at the ELearningIndustry blog owned by Christopher Pappas is written by eLearning industry experts, edtech vendors and eLearning bloggers who know the eLearning industry like the back of their hands. By the way, if you have experience to share, feel free to contribute!

We recommend reading Best 30 LMS Implementation tips From The Top LMS Experts.

10. Gamified UK

Gamified UK

The Gamified UK Blog by Andrzej Marczewski contains everything you need to know about gamification in eLearning: techniques to use, gamification components, secrets of capturing the learners’ attention, inspiring and engaging them. A great example of taking a passion for gaming and making an informative blog out of it.

We recommend reading Periodic Table of Gamification Elements.

11. Have You Considered?

Have You Considered?

Michael Milroy is an instructional designer with over 20 years’ experience in Adult learning and business development. In his blog he shares the experience and force people to look at the situations from a different perspective.

The fundamentals of a good online course, adult learning principles, eLearning engagement, creative solutions… all of these you will find in Michael’s blog.

We recommend reading ELearning Engagement Hack: The Voice.

12. Josh Bersin’s Insights on Corporate Talent, Learning, Leadership, and HR Technology

Josh Bersin’s Insights

A blog by Josh Bersin, the Founder and Principal at Bersin by Deloitte, a leading research company in eLearning, is a must read for L&D professionals, HR leaders and business owners who want to understand where the world of digital learning and corporate training is heading.

We recommend reading The Disruption of Digital Learning: Ten Things We Have Learned.

13. LearnGeek


The LearnGeek blog by JD Dilon is about microlearning, knowledge sharing, learning ecosystems and digital networking. JD shares a lot of his thoughts on how to help organizations to provide better learning, improve learning results and achieve the desired business goals. The blog is definitely worth adding to your reading list.

We recommend reading Microlearning is just Learning that Fits. That’s it!

14. Learning Rebels

Learning Rebels

The Learning Rebels Blog by Shannon Tipton provides useful insights into all aspects of online training such as learning design, training tips, enhanced learning methods, learning objects etc. Shannon’s posts inspire, motivate, lead and help you achieve your business goals. Needless to say, the blog is worth to be added to your collection.

We recommend reading Create Love in the Classroom.

15. Learning Solutions Magazine

Learning Solutions Magazine

The Learning Solutions Magazine Blog is one of the oldest blogs about eLearning strategies, online tools, best practices and the latest eLearning industry news. It definitely needs to be added to the bookmarks of everyone who wants to stay aware of the eLearning industry trends, changes and new developments.

We recommend reading Five Steps to Evaluate and Select an LMS: Proven Practices by Steven Foreman.

16. Learnnovators


The Learnnovators blog is a beautifully designed blog about different types of eLearning, edtech tools, learning design and lessons from the top eLearning and edtech experts. If you are passionate about bringing innovation to learning, you will find a lot of worthy thoughts, ideas and experiences here.

We recommend reading Compilation of 45 Game-Based Learning Journals Series.

17. Matt Harris’ Blog

Matt Harris’ Blog

Matt Harris is passionate about technology and the way it can enhance traditional teaching. In his blog he shares conference presentations, publications and edtech materials you can use. If you are struggling to get technology integrated Matt knows how to get it right.

We recommend Reading How Has Technology Changes The Way We Learn.

18. Mike Crowley’s Blog

Mike Crowley’s Blog

Mike’s blog is about digital learning, school culture, innovations, making learning personalized and engaging. His views are modern, honest and progressive. You will definitely want to put into action the ideas Mike suggests.

We recommend reading The Truth About Digital Media and Young People.

19. Online Learning Insights

Online Learning Insights

The Online Learning Insights Blog by Debbie Morrison, digital education consultant and instructional designer, is a valued and credible source of learning insights for instructors and course designers. In her blog Debbie shares must-read books, need-to-know news, learning strategies and trends that influence learning and teaching. I’m sure you will value Debbie’s opinion and will come back for more.

We recommend reading Seven Must-Read Books About Education: The 2017 List.

20. Talented Learning

Talented Learning

The Talented Learning Blog curated by John Leh is a trusted source of information about the markets of online courses and Learning Management Systems. Read the blog to understand what to focus on when you are about to enter the eLearning marketplace.

We recommend reading Want to Sell More Content? Put More Lines in the Water.

21. The Chronicle of Higher Education

The Chronicle of Higher Education

The Chronicle of Higher Education is a number #1 source of news, advice and opinions from experienced teachers, college professors and education writers. If you want to stay aware of what is happening in the world of higher education, then the Chronicle of Higher Education definitely needs to be added to your browser’s favorites tab.

We Recommend reading Why I Teach Online by Devoney Looser.

22. The ELearning Coach

The ELearning Coach

The ELearning Coach blog by Connie Malamed is a gold mine of instructional design recommendations, feasible learning strategies, edtech product reviews, podcasts and interviews with the eLearning industry gurus. Connie is a respected eLearning expert whose opinion is worth listening to.

We recommend listening to Connie’s podcasts.

23. The ELearning Experts Blog

The ELearning Experts Blog

The ELearning Experts Blog is a fantastic source of useful pieces of advice for everyone looking to build and develop their eLearning career. The authors constantly share the eLearning industry trends, interviews with the top eLearning experts and tips to give your eLearning career and personal brand a boost.

We recommend reading 31 Ways to Boost Your Learning Career – Part 1 by Karen Moloney.

24. The Rapid E-Learning Blog

The Rapid E-Learning Blog

The Rapid E-Learning Blog curated by Tom Kuhlman contains a bunch of useful tips on becoming a rapid eLearning professional. Here you will learn how to design visually appealing courses without spending a lot of time on it. Moreover, there are hundreds of free resources for building interactive courses, PowerPoint tutorials, templates, cool eLearning examples and software recommendations.

We recommend reading 8 E-Learning Tips I Wish I Knew When I First Started to Build Courses.

25. Tim Slade’s Blog

Tim Slade’s Blog

In Tim’s blog there is always something new to learn, particularly if you are interested in visual design. Visit the blog if you want to know how to market yourself as an eLearning specialist, how to create visually appealing courses and what mistakes to avoid while designing courses.

We recommend reading How to Market Yourself as an ELearning Designer.

Of course, there is a chance that some of these blogs are already saved in your Pocket, but we really hope that you will find at least one or two new sources of inspiration, valuable insights and experts’ advice that will help you to grow as L&D professional, online trainer, instructional designer or business owner.

We are curious, what are your favorite eLearning and edtech blogs?

Please share in the comments below.

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