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Custom ELearning Services

Here is a problem with eLearning businesses nowadays: there are tens of thousands of online courses providers who use the same off-the-shelf learning solutions, packed with default eLearning features and functions developed for the mass-market needs. They all hope to build a six-figure online courses business. The thing is that it doesn’t work like that.

For an eLearning business to succeed a differentiation from the competitors, flexibility and ability of eLearning software to perform specific functions is required. Fortunately, there is a solution!

Custom ELearning Development is an effective means of developing new or adapting existing learning software and courses to the company’s structure, brand vision, business goals, requirements and customer preferences.

JoomLMS has been offering eLearning development services since 2006 and proved its worth as a reliable, affordable and experienced custom eLearning development company. We get down to eLearning development taking into account your needs, budget, and timeframe. The agile eLearning development approach we use allows us to develop eLearning software in small sprints, involving clients in every step of the eLearning development process and bringing changes when necessary.

Our ELearning Custom Development Services Include:

ELearning Website Development and Customization

Using our 11 years' custom development experience we can help you to build a Joomla!® eLearning website and implement modules and components useful for online learning on your corporate portal or eLearning website.

Hire JoomLMS ELearning Software Development Company for a custom design concept, eLearning template creation, Joomla! software development, installation of required tools, development and integration of custom learning software, LMS development, installation, configuration, and customization.

We can also help you with developing search engines for eLearning courses and games development, letting you focus on what matters, while we undertake the technology part.

ELearning Custom Development Services
Custom Learning Course Development

Developing high-quality course content and online courses can be very time-consuming and may even require special professional skills your internal team might not have. Outsourcing course creation to a team of experienced learning developers and instructional designers not only cuts the labor costs but allows you to develop specific courses’ look and feel according to your individual requirements.

We can create customized eLearning courses from scratch or convert existing course materials delivered in a traditional face-to-face manner to a modern, mobile ready online course.

ELearning Custom Development Services
LMS Customization and Deployment

Our learning development experience shows off-the-shelf LMS solutions are the perfect choice for businesses seeking ways to launch an eLearning project fast, but when the company grows and the needs are evolving, default settings are no longer enough.

If you need to configure or customize a learning management system, integrate it with another system, convert external courses to use them on your LMS platform our eLearning developers can easily do it for you!

We can also configure personal settings and test servers for organizations with large numbers of training software users.

ELearning Custom Development Services
ELearning Software and App Development

An LMS alone doesn’t allow you to meet the needs of a modern learner who is mobile and always on the go To reach the target customers’ needs and expectations you need eLearning mobile and web apps, designed with your company’s needs in mind.

Hire us for custom eLearning app development, existing application enhancement, eLearning application migration, and maintenance.

We can also help you with developing search engines for eLearning courses and games development, letting you focus on what matters, while we undertake the technology part.

ELearning Training Platforms Development

Development of a learning content management system, learning portal or other training software meeting all your unique learning requirements needs a solid foundation, and we have it. The JoomLMS eLearning development team is the right choice for building an efficient system for computer-based learning, ongoing corporate training, online education or commercial training programs, with the support of the IMS, AICC, SCORM standards and the option to go custom.

Selected Custom ELearning Projects

Ticken Ticken


Ticken uses JoomLMS to improve wellbeing and employee productivity by providing touch-typing courses for children and adults.

Otet Otet

Theorie Examen Trainer

Theorie Examen Trainer (TET) uses JoomLMS to help students to get behind the wheel!

Training course Training course uses JoomLMS to provide over 800 online elearning training courses for businesses and individuals.

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