Social Learning LMS

Make your Learning Management System social today and start getting all the benefits of social learning tomorrow

What Is Social Learning?

Social learning is learning via communication and examples from others, a combination of formal and informal learning, which increases knowledge retention and employee motivation.

The main idea of social learning is to give learners an opportunity to exchange creative ideas and solutions, share gained knowledge, work experience and collaborate with one another.

In comparison with the traditional learning approach where the training process follows a predetermined curriculum and the trainer is the center of knowledge, social learning is not scheduled and happens whenever a question or idea appears.

Why Social Learning LMS?

Social networks are widely used for sharing information, creating user groups and discussing topics, however, they lack the features required for education such as quizzes, attendance, gradebook, information structure, student’s progress tracking etc.

Social networks are a good communication tool while an LMS is an ideal platform for distant education. Why not use them together?

Integration with social media enhances the Learning Management System functionality with a variety of social learning features, thereby building a Social Learning platform that can be used for education.

A Social Learning LMS allows learners to turn to each other for advice or assistance, create groups and discussion threads around common interests, publish materials and share their learning progress. Such social learning functionality improves job performance and corporate culture.

JoomLMS Learning Management System for Social Learning

The JoomLMS Learning Management System is an ideal solution for businesses looking to apply the social learning approach and make the learning process more efficient and cost-effective.

JoomLMS aggregates powerful social learning tools with JomSocial - the most popular Social Networking Tool for Joomla!® CMS - and delivers the whole package together.

JoomLMS + JomSocial bundle provides a secure space for formal learning empowered with a number of key social media tools for social and collaborative learning. Together, JoomLMS and JomSocial deliver most useful social learning features including:

Social Learning LMS Features

JoomLMS + JomSocial Social Learning Benefits

Launching a community with all the social tools benefits on your web site is very easy - you are enhancing your own copy of JoomLMS with extensive social tools similar to Facebook or LinkedIn.

JomSocial – a social engine for Joomla! CMS - already has more than 80,000 installations and comes with many features out of the box. The JoomLMS team will help you to setup social networking to collaborate with your learners and motivate them to build communities with lots of social learning benefits.

Social Learning Benefits

Social Learning Benefits

Keep Learners Engaged and Motivated

Learners’ social profiles display all the information associated with the training process (the courses learners took, the certificates received etc.) The information on colleagues’ achievements evokes the effect of competition making employees to take a more active role in their own learning and to enroll in additional courses.

Encourage Social Collaboration

Social learning tools such as forum and chat discussions, learners’ blogging with comments and feedback are the simplest ways to promote social collaboration and embrace transparency. Learners can create social learning communities and groups around particular topics, work together on finding the problem solutions and follow each other for valuable pieces of advice or a regular feedback on their work.

Encourage Social Collaboration

Improve Corporate Culture

A strong corporate culture is a key to increasing employee performance, satisfaction and reducing a turnover. When employees know that the managerial team invests in their training and social learning, promotes team atmosphere and co-worker professional relationships they become more loyal to the company and don’t think of leaving it.

Speed up the Learning Process

By communicating with each other within the social learning management system learners pass their knowledge, tips and advice related to training materials; correct one another, evaluate ideas and monitor progress. It all speeds up the learning process, hence bringing the company a higher return on investments.

Speed up the Learning Process
save time

Save Time on Training Newcomers

The Social Platform file library and the information qualified employees share while collaborating with each other is a great source of knowledge for new employees who quickly need to get familiar with the company’s work processes.