ELearning Fast Track Is the Simplest Way to Launch a Project!

Get insured against LMS implementation risks and extensive project delays

What Is ELearning Fast Track?

The main idea of the ELearning Fast Track service is to help you make your eLearning project run as quickly as possible, without delays, overspendings and with the best possible outcome.

ELearning Fast track is the personalized assistance of highly skilled LMS developers, instructional designers, project managers and quality assurance specialists aimed at fast-tracking the eLearning project development and implementation.

The Fast Track services may include consultation, services recommendations, end-to-end deployment guidelines, a customization offer and even out-of-the-box solutions to speed up the LMS project deployment and reduce implementation risks.

How Does ELearning Fast Track Work?

To help you launch your eLearning project on-the-fly we schedule a short call to discuss all the project requirements and understand your current state of things.

On the basis of your business specifics and the LMS functionality needed you are provided with a personalized proposal.

Once you receive the offer you are free to contact us for any clarifications and details. When the business idea is complete and doesn’t require any changes, the LMS project implementation starts.

The Agile Development Approach we use allows us to implement the project in small sprints involving you in every step of the development process and letting you revise it if required.

We collaborate till the project brings the desired results.

Why ELearning Fast Track?

Years of experience in the eLearning field show that there are a lot of steps between the LMS purchase and a successful project payback. With no technical experience, no implementation team and limited resources, the eLearning project implementation can become a long and stressful process.

Entrusting the LMS implementation and deployment to us you free yourself from hiring extra specialists, spending hours on LMS training and wasting time on technical issues. You get a professional remote team for LMS administration, ongoing support & content management and, what is more important, the solution tailored to your business needs and customers’ demands.

No projects launch delays, overspending or low-quality results.

Contact Us to Get Started with ELearning Fast Track!

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